HAAY is a creative, technology driven agency for product design and engineering.

By exploring and refining rising market opportunities and translating ideas into persuasive form, function and meaningful user experiences, HAAY will help to invigorate and expand your business.

Due to its integrated design strategy HAAY has constantly been able to design and develop emerging technology applications wrapped in compelling, award winning designs. Always cost-conscious and according to your high quality standards.


You'll find a team that consists of material specialist, creative designer , technical/electronics engineer,and multi-talent project manager. HAAY also harbors one or more interns and has a solid network of individuals and companies at its disposal. The dynamic and versatile team builds on their shared knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome that will meet all of your needs.


It is our strong belief that end results will only coincide with client expectations when project objectives are identified jointly and timely. To make sure the objectives are met we are constantly involved in finding answers to questions relating market share, efficiency, patents and all the other areas affecting product design. We find these answers by uniquely merging a hands-on approach, intuition and insights with traditional test and research methods.

Our Services

Lighting Design

innovative lighting design products with the latest LED technologie


rapid prototyping products automate much of the time-consuming work

3D Rendering

3D rendering is a creative process that is similar to photography


We combine the right expertise to deliver a ‘Performance Excellence’ approach that creates exceptional results


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HAAY product design

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HAAY product design